Welcome to DrHotdog.net. I'm a British expat who's been living in Sydney, Australia since late 2005 working on astronomical instrumentation R&D. Beyond my work my interests include cycling (for commuting, fitness and recreation), watching cricket, food & drink, and gadgets. I'm a long time Linux user, both at work and at home, and a recent convert to Android phones (an HTC Hero) and Google Apps.

This webpage is intended as a place where I can write about the subjects that interest me, and hopefully what I write will be interesting or useful for others.

Recent Android, Linux and Google posts

  • Transferring email archives from a GMail.com account to a Google Apps account - alternative method In my last post I described a method for transferring user data (emails, contact and calendar events) from a GMail.com account to a Google Apps domain based account.  I ...
    Posted 25 Sept 2009, 07:53 by Anthony Horton
  • Transferring user data from a GMail.com account to a Google Apps account As I mentioned in my previous post, when I created my Google Apps account for DrHotdog.net I needed to transfer my user data (mail, contacts, calendar) from my GMail ...
    Posted 25 Sept 2009, 07:49 by Anthony Horton
  • Changing Google account settings on an HTC Hero When I created DrHotdog.net I wanted to switch my HTC Hero from auto-syncing my mail, contacts and calendar data with my GMail.com account to my new DrHotdog ...
    Posted 16 Feb 2010, 23:15 by Anthony Horton
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